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CGI 3D Animal (Modeling-Sculpting-Texturing) Quick Breakdown - Reel by Surajit Sen

In this 1:43 Minutes Reel I present two CGI 3D Animal (Modeling-Digital Sculpting-Texturing) quick breakdown.Here is the overview of basic pipeline I followed.
Been so busy to render a new demo reel, so if you want to see some of my new creations you can check my art station/Blog/Portfolio here :

Vimeo -

C&C are welcome.
Note/Declaration: Original sound track -" Ananda Shankar, Song Title - Jumpin' Jack Flash, Album - Snow Flower, Year - 1970)"

Thank you
Surajit Sen.
3D Modeler I Character Artist I Digital Sculptor I Texture Artist
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Mobile : + 91 9033883936

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CGI 3D Animal (Modeling-Sculpting-Texturing) Quick Breakdown- Reel by Surajit Sen